Conversion Strategies

An appropriate capital injection synergized with the economy, property location, consumer behaviour, and many other factors can ensure multifold growth. Which is where repurposing of a capital structure comes into play. It opens doors to new opportunities and also helps in getting a better monetary benefit out of your investment.

At ROD CAPM, we carefully study both primary and secondary markets and all their parameters to work our way to a repurposing solution. We work closely with our extended teams from various departments to provide investment opportunities and come up with a venture that is more profitable and yields better utility and growth. There are two factors where repurposing your invested capital can prove beneficial:

Your investments are not bringing in the desired profits

Some investments may deteriorate over time or grow slower than you expected them to. In such scenarios, a strategy to convert your securities from debt to equity or vice versa may help produce a higher return on your investment. However, repurposing requires great attention to the legal, financial, as well as the growth aspect of the decision. Hence, it becomes pivotal to have a team of professionals who are well versed with the CAPM regulatory framework, can work with business model exploitation with sectorial legal constraints, and deduce the most effective KPI for your investment.


At ROD CAPM, our skilled and experienced team handles capital restructuring and developing strategies with efficiency, diligence, and attention. Our approach successfully combines an understanding of this specific sector, as well as in-depth knowledge of the financial market. In the past, we have successfully converted many businesses while improving (or maintaining) all their ROCEs. For example, a perfume & cosmetics manufacturer saw a significant drop in consumer demands and therefore leading the business towards a downwards spiral. The conversion strategy presented here was to restructure the available capital as well as the equipment to manufacture masks and hand sanitizers to address the gap in the market where health and safety became the number one concern throughout the globe.

There is an economic downturn

Capital Markets have the risk of haltering development. Various situations can also have a long- term impact on the business, induced by factors like changed consumer behaviour or a decrease in the industry drive. Our team at Rodschinson Investment comprises specialists across industries and global thought leaders, who help our clients ingeniously navigate unfortunate situations. We pay attention to all the conversion calculations, come up with fool-proof conversion strategies, and thoroughly evaluate technical, regulatory, financial, and other crucial aspects before repurposing. Hence, the return on the project is guaranteed to optimize.

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