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Services – Rod Capital Markets

Rod CapMarkets Services

Rod Capital market division provides a wide range of services tailored to fit every project type, with in-depth knowledge in primary and secondary market practices and strategies. Our global network of Capital Markets specialists has implemented numerous solutions for ROD Hotels, ROD Developers, ROD PE, and ROD M&A representing land-owners, retail and institutional investors. Our specialists leverage deep know-how from our other divisions of both, European and major overseas exchanges and regulatory processes to help clients address the new challenges of the current economic environment.



Real estate specialists evaluating project divesting

Understanding the true strength and weakness of an investment opportunity from users’ and/or suppliers’ perspectives requires a set of skills that comes from decades of refining experience turned into expertise. Rodschinson’s team uses a cross-functional skill set to analyze and propose various investment opportunities to our clients whether it is the equity investment in the primary market they desire or simply trading in the secondary market.


Real estate developers evaluating a project

Drawing from relevant insights, and advanced market analysis is what makes Rodschinson a suitable partner to drive sustainability and performance. We provide intense analytical insights to our clients on the buy-side, aiming that each transaction generates the expected results and then some. Our strategically formed partnership network consisting of corporations and investment banks allows us to draw out a list of alternate investment opportunities to our prospective clients across the globe.


Real estate specialists making a handshake to materialize their strategic partnership

ROD Capital Market division takes pride in the fact that our team of versatile valuation experts can synthesize observable and derived market data and synopsize it for our institutional investors. Organizations looking to raise capital through an IPO can also benefit from our team’s ability to derive the true value of their businesses as ROD CAPM, along with ROD PE have valued a variety of alternate investment classes including equity, LP interests, hybrid securities, convertible instruments, derivatives, and structured products.


Real estate specialists looking at the financial elements of a project to evaluate a project

A decisive factor of any project’s success is the ongoing regulation advisory throughout each step of the business, from structuring the deal to its  implementation and from its development to the repurposing of the underlying asset. As no mistakes are admissible in today’s regulatory environment, Rodschinson’s regulation advisory foresees regulatory challenges along with three vital elements: Planning, Time management, local market knowledge, and expert legal advice. The goal is to make the project soluble into the local market and is in phase with local and national regulations and legal requirements.


Real estate specialists giving regulatory advice

ROD Capital Market team understands economic cycles, and identifies insights to elaborate strategies accordingly, and build the most flexible assets to adapt rapidly. So, to align with changes in investment trends, and market dynamics, Rodschinson puts intense efforts in the research and development department to stay updated and provide its clients with the best conversion strategies for their investments.


Real estate specialist studying the best way to convert an asset

Having the right skill set to evaluate and discern unique characteristics of each asset and an in-depth understanding of industrial logistics challenges, the Rodschinson team brings pragmatic approaches and insights from its international network, of specialists and thought leaders are aligned with the latest trends in capital markets and are well equipped to make the most efficient data-driven decision in nurturing and growing their portfolio.

IPO Assistance

Raising funds has never been an easy task as it’s a test of persistence. Plus, as banks have become increasingly reluctant to grant loans, the investee company favors going public for capital raising to finance its growing business. Individuals with ideas and early-stage companies also benefit from a certain form of various capital raising solutions. We help companies get a distinct advantage from this type of investment in a way that they get a hand from ROD CAPM’s senior management that has multifold expertise in implementing various growth strategies to maximize returns for both, them and their investors.

Variety of financing options

We’ve had clients that considered debt as the basis of their transaction and we’ve also had clients that preferred the stock option. Needless to say, our team of experts in the division has produced favorable returns for our clients in both the type of transactions. Whichever your preferred route is, our team would be delighted to tell you about the nitty-gritty of both options such as including convertible debt with the debt route and preferred stock, liquidation preference, options, etc. with the equity route. We welcome you to get in touch and find out more about how, where, and when we could help you to maximize your investment.


Rodschinson is your trusted Investment partner to make the smartest possible move whatever is your current situation.

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