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Specifities – Rod Capital Markets
  • Financing as a key component

    Our team knows as no other how to go about these deals: from planning to execution

  • The capital markets services you need

    Our global, multi-functional teams support clients worldwide

Financing and structuring your next acquisition

In order to remain relevant and grow any portfolio, investors need to be acquisitive and identify opportunities. Apart from the fact Rodschinson is an expert in rolling out those services, the financing and Structuring components are key to close and complete the deal. Our team knows like no other how to go about these deals: from planning to execution.

Financing starts with a strategy

Following a detailed overview of the new or existing market that any client is considering to enter, our team would work out a detailed investment strategy. This could be an analysis of the portfolio in question, arbitrage recommendations or fund position and structuring. The Key for us is that the client understands and feels comfortable with the strategy that we are proposing, as we will be with you at every step of the way.

Debt and equity

Specialist on debt and equity advisory is an essential part of our capital markets offering: we look at clients’ needs, wishes and overall strategy, and plan accordingly. We always try to maintain some degree of flexibility as plans may change or new market conditions may require an adjustment in approach and strategy.

Due diligence

Technical and financial assistance in respect of due diligence is another key element we look at together with our clients. It is crucial that you are aware of all the risks and opportunities that come with any acquisition. Our due diligence process helps you to analyze these factors and provides you with lasting advice on the proposed transaction. Due diligence helps you make an informed decision, and we are experts at doing just that.

A unique approach

Rodschinson’s approach is built on rigorous and fact-based analyses to guide companies in generating effective strategic business plans that emphasize sustainable financing structures at moderate or client-acceptable risk levels. Our unique and tailored approach is customized for each client and is based on a proper understanding of your business, vision and long-term strategy.

Lower price competition

Many of our investor clients turn to us as an acquiring party as they have come to realize that taking over or absorbing competitors will significantly reduce price-cutting and provide the entity with more pricing leverage and an increased market share. To finance and structure such an undertaking, our teams would be happy to help. One of our key objectives during this process is to allow your company to obtain better returns on its invested equity.

Excess capital

Despite the challenging market conditions currently, some of our clients maintain healthy or even strong cash flows and simply sit on a pile of cash from a previous sale or exceptional results. Putting this equity to work is something our global specialists do best: we help clients to identify businesses or assets that can help them to keep market momentum and further boost their volume. We analyze financing needs and suggest potential routes to take, from detailed structures to fund positioning.

Plan for the long term

Vital for any client, particularly under the volatile market conditions most sectors are experiencing currently, it is vital to plan ahead and set out a long-term strategy. A clear vision of where you want to take your business or shareholders is something Rodschinson always happily discusses with any of his clients, large or small.

Integrated services

Our multi-skilled and highly experienced global capital markets team has access to all fields of expertise within the entire Rodschinson business. We are able to offer clients a fully comprehensive perspective on any property asset and its potential value, including benchmarks for rental values, analysis of building space efficiency and energy performance, technical improvement, maintenance, redevelopment potential, operational expenses, and more.


Since we understand that you care dearly about your business, our team would be thrilled to tell you more about their investment strategies and client proposals. Please get in touch today.

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